Guides for e-learning tools

Adding survey

Creating survey with LimeSurvey

To create the survey, it is recommended to use the external LimeSurvey tool from Sisu@UT (see the guide, which is a secure application located in the university’s server for collecting data. The LimeSurvey questionnaire can be referenced from the page with a link or displayed using an iFrame to the Sisu@UT page.

An iFrame can be added to a page or post with a Custom html block. 

When embedding a LimeSurvey survey, copy the following code into the HTML: <iframe height=”900″ src=”” width=”100%”></iframe> 

Creating survey with Watu PRO

A simpler survey can also be added to the page with the Sisu@UT Watu PRO test application, if you set the test questions to survey questions (This is a survey question option).

You can see the answers received by the survey by clicking on the Taken x times link in the View results column of the survey on the Watu PRO tests page.

NB! If you ask for the personal data of the respondents with the questions of the survey, you are responsible for their deletion.