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Guide for learners to record with Panopto

Recording to a Panopto Assignments folder

Once a teacher has created an Assignments subfolder into course Panopto folder, students will have the right to install Panopto recorder and record or upload videos to that folder. By default, only the lecturer can see the recordings in the Assignments folder, and the learners can only see their own recordings. By default, videos of other students stored in the Assignments folder are not visible (the teacher can change this setting if necessary).

  1. When using Panopto recording for the first time, log in to Panopto and install the Panopto recorder (Windows or Mac) on your computer. If you need help with installing the Panopto recorder, contact or phone 7375500.


  2. Login to the Panopto recorder.


  3. Click Start new recording and click on the arrow button to select the folder where you wish to record. The drop-down menu contains options for the folders you have the right to record. 
  4. Choose Primary and Secondary Sources according to the needs what you have to record. For example on Mac choose FaceTime HD camera as a Primary Source and Built-in-Display as Secondary Source. If you only need to record a computer screen, select only audio as the Primary Source and Built-in-Display as Secondary Source.


  5. Click on the large red Record button to begin recording your session.
  6. If the recording is done click Stop recording. You will be notified that Recording is complete and you can upload video to the server (Upload).
  7. After recording, you can verify that the session has been recorded by logging into the server and clicking on your Assignments folder (NB! Uploading the recording may take time).
  8. Remember that you will only be able to edit and delete submissions that you have uploaded to the server.
  9. It is recommended to delete old recordings that have finished uploading to the server to save space on your computer. To do this, mark the corresponding file in the Panopto recording program and use the Delete button.


  10. Also you can uninstall the Panopto recorder from the computer if you don’t need it further.