Guides for e-learning tools

Creating glossary

The glossary is created in the Sisu@UT platform using the Name Directory plugin.

  • If the Name Directory application is not active in the website, it can be activated through the Plugins link.
  • To link dictionary entries on the pages of the website, the Name Directory Tooltips plugin must also be activated.

To add a glossary:

  1. Select “Name Directory” from the left menu and then choose “Add directory.”
  2. Enter the glossary title and description.
  3. Make appearance choices for the glossary.
  4. If you want to display an alphabetical index at the beginning of the glossary, select “Show all letters on index.”
  5. In the “Submissions” section, you can allow viewers to add terms to the glossary.
  6. In the “Naming” section, enter the wording for term naming (including in Estonian).

To add glossary entries:

  1. Click “Name Directory” in the left menu, then under the dictionary title, click “Manage names.”
  2. Write the word and its description/meaning in the “Add a new name” section.
  3. Click “Add name.
  4. To see the added word in the list, refresh the page.

To modify glossary settings:

  1. Click “Name Directory” in the left menu, then choose “Settings” next to the glossary.

Multiple glossaries can be added to the website.

Embedding the glossary

  • To embed a glossary, use the Shortcode block and paste the glossary embed code (e.g., [namedirectory dir=“1”]).
  • For linking glossary entries from pages, click “Name Directory Tooltips” and configure the relevant settings.

Linking dictionary entries from pages

If you want to link glossary entries on the site pages, click on the Name Directory Tooltips menu on the left and the corresponding glossary link settings link (Tooltips settings).


  • do you want to automatically link terms (Automatic linking)
  • whether the title of the term is also included (Include term name)
  • is linking case sensitive
  • is linking only on the first appearance on the page (First match only)
  • is linking only if there is a full match (Full match only)

In the Exclude pages and posts section, you can exclude pages and posts where you don’t want to link to glossary entries. You can select and deselect multiple pages or posts using the Ctrl and CMD keys.