Guides for e-learning tools

Creating a quiz in Moodle

Moodle allows to create various types of quizzes that can be used to assess learners or as a self-assessment tool for learners. Quizzes can be used to assess the achievement of the goals and learning outcomes set for the course. It is necessary to carefully plan and prepare the quiz so that it could objectively reflect the learner’s knowledge, skills, etc.

Quizzes can be used in Moodle using the Quiz activity, but it is also possible to use quizzes made in HotPotatoes (which can be imported to the course). You can always upload links to other tests to Moodle, but their results will not be saved in Moodle.

The Quiz activity enables to create 16 types of questions, which may contain not only text but also images, audio and video files, links, etc. Most questions are automatically graded (except for the essay), but it is always possible to reassess the answers, if necessary. It is not possible to take a Moodle quiz anonymously – all results are saved and visible to the teacher.