Guides for e-learning tools

Publishing the site

By default, the website being created is private – only the creator and administrator can see it if they are logged in to Sisu@UT.

1. To publish the website:

The website status can be changed from the Theme settings, General, Page status settings: 

  • Public and indexable– accessible at a specific URL, searchable by search engines. (recommended option)
  • Public, but not indexable – accessible at a specific URL but not searchable by search engines.
  • Private – accessible only to a logged-in users who has the right to manage or look the corresponding website 
  • Closed

In website, the visibility of a specific page can be changed in edit mode (Edit page in the top bar) from the page settings (button in the upper right corner) in the Visibility section:  

  • the page can be made private
  • protect with a password

2. Add metadata to website (search engine optimization):

In order to be able to optimize your website for search engines, activate the Simple SEO application in the Plugins section and confirm Apply at the bottom of the page.


For adding metadata click Settings, Simple SEO:

Add metadata:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Google Verification Code
    • Go to Google Search Console ( website using your own Google account. Click on Start now
    • Choose “URL prefix” and add the full Sisu@UT address starting with….
    • Then find “Other verification methods” and under it “HTML tag”. Copy the code to your selected text editor eg NotePad.
    • From copied code select the part between content=”” so the code between quotation marks and add it to your Sisu@UT’s website Dashboard Setting > Simple SEO – Google Verification Code field and save.
    • Then go back to Google Search Console website and click on “Verify“. If you get a success message then you are connected to Google Search Console.
  • Google Analytics 4 code
  • etc