Guides of e-learning tools


It is possible to add files of different formats to the course homepage. To open a file, learners need the correct software on their computer.

Ensure that file names do not include spaces or diacritical letters (for example, the Estonian õ, ä, ö, ü). If your file names are not suitable, simply rename them before importing to Moodle.

If your files have been created and saved using office software (MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and are intended for viewing rather than editing, please save them first in your computer as .pdf files (if the materials contain images, tables, formulas, special symbols). Add files created with office software or files in a specific format only in case learners have to edit them.

To add a file to course homepage:

  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select File
  • enter the file name (title) and description
  • select a file or drag and drop it from your file browser
  • you can create sub-folders using the Folder button

Please note that files created in another program cannot be later edited in Moodle. They can only be edited on your computer. Thereafter you have to add the edited and saved file again to the course. Files added to the course page using the file picker are not saved under course files.

It is useful to first move the necessary files to the course files folder, and then add them as materials to the course homepage.

To add files to course files folder:

  1. click in the Settings block on Course files
  2. click the button Edit course files
  3. drag and drop the necessary files from the file browser to the files window (you can previously also create folders)
  4. click the button Save changes