Guides of e-learning tools


Link to a folder containing the necessary files for a specific topic/week/assignment can be added to the course homepage. The files in the folder are displayed to the learner in alphabetical order. It is reasonable to use the folder resource if the file names and the order of files in the folder are not important for learners – for example, different work files, drafts, etc.

NB! Avoid spaces, diacritical letters and special symbols in file and folder names.
NB! The folder created to the course page as a resource or the files in the folder are not saved under course files.

To add a folder to course homepage:

  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select Folder
  • enter the folder name (title) and description
  • to add a file, select it from the page button or drag and drop it from your file browser
  • click the Folder button to create a sub-folder
NB! Instead of using the Folder, it is more learner-friendly to use Itemslist and Link Set  to present study materials.