Guides for e-learning tools

Managing menus

Specifying the layout of the menus

The layout of the website menus can be set in Theme settings, Header, Header style page. It is possible to choose between three layouts: 

  • Show only header menu – the top menu displays the elements of the first level of the menu, and the corresponding sub-menu items open from the drop-down menu 
  • Show top and sidebar menus – the first-level menu items are displayed in the top menu, and the sub-elements of the corresponding item are displayed in the side menu when the first-level menu item is selected
  • Show only sidebar menu – the menu items of all levels are displayed hierarchically in the side menu

Managing menues

  • Menus can be managed on the menu structure page (Appearance, Menus).  
  • You can select a menu from the drop-down menu (if there are several). 
  • In the case of a multilingual site, the corresponding menu can be opened in different languages and translations of menu items can be added.
  • Pages, posts, links and categories can be added to the menu. 
  • Menu items can be dragged into the desired order and reduced to sub-items. 

By clicking on the arrow next to the menu element, you can display additional setting options for the menu element, where you can, for example, change the title of the element and remove the element from the menu.

In the menu settings, you can select that each new page of the page is added to this menu by default and set the menu as the primary navigation.