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Website page layout

Site page layout can be set in Theme settings, Page, Page layout . You can choose: 

  • Dynamic – for this layout, the layout changes automatically, for example, if there is a top and side menu layout, and the first level element of the top menu has no child elements (the side menu is not displayed), then the content of the first level menu element opens with a wide layout, but if the first level menu element has child elements, then the first level menu element opens menu item content in a narrower area next to the side menu.
  • With sidebar(s) – for this layout, you can set (Sidebar settings) whether the primary side menu is displayed on the left or right, or whether both the primary and secondary side menus are displayed.
  • Without sidebar(s) – with this layout, the content will be displayed without the side menu(s) anyway (if the side menu areas have a menu or any widgets attached, they will not be displayed)

By default, the website has a dynamic page layout, and it is recommended to leave this layout unless you consciously want to make a different layout choice.

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