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Zoom Meetings

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing.

The University of Tartu has a license for educational institutions, which can be used by anyone who has a university e-mail address (up to 300 people can join a Zoom room)

The University of Tartu also has two Zoom Webinar licenses for 500 people, and one Zoom Events license for 1,000 people. If you wish to use the Zoom Webinar or Zoom Events, please contact computer support at or by phone 737 5500 (5500)

Zoomi Meetings guide:
Training “Getting Started with Zoom Meetings” videorecording.

Zoom and Moodle integration

As Zoom and Moodle are integrated, you can create a Zoom meeting from a Moodle course and configure its use.

When using Zoom for the first time, first activate your Zoom account by logging in via the Sign in button at Sign in is done with the e-mail address. Make sure your Zoom email address matches the email address in Moodle.


NB! If you are unable to create an account in Zoom, please contact

To add a Zoom meeting to a Moodle course, add the Zoom Meeting activity to the course and set up a session. If the session does not have a specific time, select repeat.




NB! The moderator of the created Zoom meeting room is the creator of the room, not the other teachers of this Moodle course.

If you would like someone else to be a host in the Zoom meeting room, add the e-mail addresses of these people in the alternative hosts box. An alternative host can be a person who has an account with a e-mail address in UT Zoom If the Zoom room you have created must have a host from outside the university or a person who does not have a UT user account and a mailbox, then such a person must be given host rights inside the room during the session.

The Zoom session can be set to graded – a corresponding grading column will appear in the grading table of the Moodle course.

Starting a Zoom session

Click Start Meeting to start the zoom session. If participants join the session through a Moodle course, they will not be asked for a passcode. To participate in a Zoom session, you must have the Zoom software installed on your computer.


Up to 50 breakup rooms can be created in the Zoom meeting.

Recording the session

The Zoom session recording is saved on the moderator’s computer. If you would like to share a recording, you need to upload the recording to Panopto or YouTube and refer to the Moodle course.

NB! Do not upload large recordings to a Moodle course as a file.