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HotPotatoes quiz

Quizzes created by means of the HotPotatoes programme can be imported to Moodle. If the quiz also contains images, there are two ways to display the images in Moodle:

  1. Export the quiz in the HotPotatoes programme to SCORM package and upload it to the e-course as the SCORM  (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) activity.
  2. First, upload all image files under the e-course files (for example, make a new folder there for them), add images in the HotPotatoes programme into Moodle (you will find the web address of the image if you right-click on the image in Moodle and select Copy link address, save the quiz as a webpage and add it to the e-course as HotPotatoes quiz.
Instructions for creating a HotPotatoes quiz:

With HotPotatoes, it is possible to create five types of exercises and quizzes:

  1. gap-filling exercise (JCloze);
  2. matching exercise (JMatch);
  3. jumbled sentence exercise (JMix);
  4. multiple choice or short answers (JQuiz);
  5. crossword puzzle (JCross).

A HotPotatoes quiz may be assessed, and the test results can be automatically entered in the gradebook.

See “15 common mistakes when making HotPotatoes exercises”,