Guides of e-learning tools


It is possible to include three games in your e-course: Hangman, Crossword and Cryptex. All the three games can be created on the basis of a glossary or short-answer questions in the course.


In Hangman settings you can determine whether the word is taken from a glossary (and which one, if there are more than one glossary in the course), set the category of questions in the question bank; the number of words each game contains, the number of tries allowed, whether the game can be assessed, etc. The learner must select letters from the alphabet given. The correct letters are added to the word and shown in bold in the alphabet. Incorrect letters are shown in red, and a hangman is drawn.


A crossword puzzle is generated automatically from words in a glossary or quiz short-answer questions as specified in the game settings. The teacher can set the number of columns or rows or words that the crossword contains and whether the game is graded. The learner must click on a word in the crossword and enter the answer in the field that opens. The correct answers are added to the crossword. Incorrect words with the correct number of letters are also entered in the crossword. If the number of letters is wrong, the corresponding message is displayed. Students can press the button Check crossword to check if the answers are correct.


In Cryptex, answers to questions are hidden inside a random word search puzzle. To answer, the students need to click the button Answer next to the question. A correct answer is shown in red. If the answer is incorrect, it must be entered again.

To add a game:

  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select the suitable game
  • give the game a name and add a description
  • set the source for the game: glossary or quiz or short-answer questions
  • make the grading and play settings