Guides for e-learning tools


In Sisu@UT there are three plugins for using as default: Page, Post and Events.

For activating additional plugins:

  • click Plugins in leftside menu
  • click Activate next to the desired application
  • click Apply the button at the bottom of the page

​​​​​​​If necessary, it is possible to activate and add the following plugins:

  1. H5P – plugin for creating interactive content
  2. Watu PRO – plugin for creating a test where you can add 7 question types
  3. Name Directory – plugin for creating a glossary to which you can add entries
  4. Name Directory Tooltips – plugin for linking glossary entries to website pages
  5. WMPL plugins – plugins for translating multilingual page content, media and menus
  6. Simple MathJax -allows using formulas in LaTeX form inside the text
  7. Simple SEO – search engine optimization plugin

Activated plugins automatically appear in the left menu.