Guides of e-learning tools

Conducting group work

It is advisable to arrange group work in six phases, which should also be introduced to learners:

  1. getting familiar with the assignment
  2. assigning roles, negotiating the schedule
  3. problem analysis and looking for solutions
  4. making a summary of the problem
  5. presenting/sending the presentation
  6. ending the group work (praise, summarising words, assessment)

The assessment of group work should also be considered before the start of the group work. For example, the teacher may grade all members of the group similarly or each learner individually, depending on their contribution (if their contribution can be identified).

The teacher does not always need to assess.

  • Fellow group members may assess the work (publicly in the forum)
  • Self-assessment can be used (self-analysis)
  • Learners from other groups may assess the work

It is possible to assess either the final product or active participation (the process).