Guides of e-learning tools


A book is a study material that contains pages connected by the table of contents. You can add text (for example, by copying text from a doc file), images (as separate files), web links, audio and video files to the book pages.

The book is a convenient tool for creating, and later editing, study materials but please note that the created web pages are not automatically saved as separate files in an easily accessible place. In the book settings block you can save a single page or the whole book into a pdf file.

If you use a glossary in which autolink feature is enabled, the keywords in the book are automatically linked to glossary definitions.

To add a book to course homepage:

  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select Book
  • enter the title and description of the book (the description is not the content of the material)
  • specify the order of chapters

Usually the title of a chapter is displayed in the table of contents AND at the top of the chapter. If you have ticked the setting Custom titles, the title of the chapter is displayed ONLY in the table of contents and not at the top of the chapter. In this case, the title of the chapter must be written separately in the first line of each chapter.

After the book has been added, you can start adding pages/chapters to the book.

To add a page/chapter:

  • open the book
  • click on the plus sign in the table of contents in the left block
  • to move a page in the table of contents click on arrows
  • you can edit or add content to the page using the cogwheel icon
  • delete the page using the waste bin icon
  • the page can be hidden from learners using the eye