Guides of e-learning tools


Itemslist is a list of resources and activities of a specific module (week or topic) on the course homepage. It can be opened by clicking the plus sign in the course viewing mode.

NB! The added resources or activities must be in the same section of the course homepage as the Itemslist.

This tool helps to save space on the course homepage. If you later delete the Itemslist, the resources and activities added to the list will reappear on the course homepage after the page is reloaded (refresh/reload).


To add a resource list to course homepage:

  • first add the necessary materials as files (File) or web links (URL) in the correct order into one section.
  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select Itemslist
  • open its setting page – you can open all settings at the top right corner and tick all the desired materials or activities.