Guides of e-learning tools

Resetting a course in Moodle

After the course, the course needs to be reset by unenrolling learners and deleting traces of study activity. During the reset, the following data is removed from the e-course: previously enrolled learners, groups added from the SIS, forum posts of all participants, learners’ submitted assignments and test attempts, all results in the gradebook.

During the reset, only learners enrolled from the SIS or by self-enrolment are removed from the course. Learners who have been enrolled manually by the teacher must be manually removed from the course: SettingsUsers – Registered users – cross in the last column.

The following cannot be deleted automatically (if you wish, you can delete them manually): wiki pages content, boards. A reset course is ready for the enrolment of new learners. After resetting a course, all resources and activities added by the teacher (learning materials, tests, forums, assignments, etc.) are retained. If you want to retain something else, such as the gradebook or some messages in the forum, it is advisable to save them now. To save a gradebook, open it and select Export, choosing the format you prefer. To save messages in the forum, you should copy them in a Word document, for instance, or export them by discussion threads. You can also conveniently collect and export all assignments submitted through the assignment tool.

NOTE: Keep in mind that data deleted during a course reset cannot be restored. Before you reset the course, archive the information you need (for example, your own forum posts, student feedback, and assignment responses, if you have agreed with the students that you can use them as examples for the next study group). Use the students’ personal data for teaching purposes only and delete them from your computer at the end of the semester.

To reset a course:

  • in the administration block of your course, click on Reset
  • all the necessary settings are already in place – you only need to complete the reset

Also change the enrolment key (if you are using one): Settings – Users – Enrolment methods – Self enrolment (Learner) – Enrolment key.

NOTE: If a course is reset, the link between the course and the SIS is deleted. Thus, you will need to create a new syllabus for the next edition of the course and link it again to the course in Moodle.