Guides of e-learning tools


Page is a web page in Moodle where you can add text, images, web links, audio and video files.

NB! The page is convenient to present the course description, short instructions, action plans etc. – these texts are not too large and may need editing from time to time.

Pages can be conveniently saved as pdf and/or printed.

Please note that the created web pages are not automatically saved as separate files in an easily accessible place. You may use the option Print chapter in the top left corner of the page and select print as pdf.

If you use a glossary in which autolink feature is enabled, the keywords in the page are automatically linked to glossary definitions.

To add a page to course homepage:

  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select Page
  • enter the page name (title) and description
  • add the material to the text field Page content