Guides of e-learning tools


The database is a bank of record entries that can be built by teachers and learners and that may be graded and commented. First you need to define and create the fields and then arrange the fields to create a template.

NB! When you copy course content to another course, not all images and files in the database are copied unless you also transfer the users to the new course.

To ensure that images and files are transferred, it is necessary to keep the database users when making a backup copy (on the first page, do not untick the boxes next to users; on the second page, untick boxes next to users in front of all other activities and resources, excl. Database). Learners who have made entries in the database are brought to the new course. They should be removed from the course (Course administration – Users – Enrolment methods – SIS, click the figure icon, select learners to be removed and click Unenrol.)

NB! The easiest way is to use the Reset templates button, which will automatically generate a simple layout of all fields.

To assess a learner, open the entry made by the learner and select an appropriate grade from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the entry.