Guides for e-learning tools

Adding users

You can create and change your website in cooperation with other Sisu@UT users. Users can be added from the Users section in the left menu.

NB! Only those users who have previously logged in Sisu@UT can be added.
  • Click Add Existing User to add a user.
  • Enter the user’s e-mail address.
  • Set the user role:
    • Kaashaldur (in Estonian) can add new content and change existing content and settings in the website (recommended role).
    • Editor can only add content and edit content added by her(him)self and other users.
    • Author can create and modify the content added by her(him)self.
    • Subscriber can only view the private page, but not change it.
  • Click Add Existing User.

The user will be sent an invitation to her/his e-mail address to join the management of your website.