Guides of e-learning tools


  1. Assignment activity can be used to submit individual homework or group work; it can be commented and graded (rubric or marking guide can be used). In the assignment settings page you can determine submission type – a single file or multiple files, online text or Mahara e-portfolio, individual or group submissions. In an online text the learner may also include two-minute audio and video clips. If an assignment is submitted as group work, you can assess each learner individually or the whole group together; using a numerical or verbal evaluation scale or a rubric (see example) or a marking guide (see example).

To add an assignment:

  • in the drop-down menu that opens under Add an activity or resource, select Assignment
  • give the assignment a name and add a description
  • ensure that Allow submissions from and Due dates are turned off or properly set
  • determine the types of submissions
  • if the submission setting: Require students click submit button is set to “Yes”, the submission is locked and the learner cannot edit or resubmit it before the teacher has reverted it to draft status
  • set whether the assignment is submitted individually or as group work (Group submission settings)
  • determine the grade settings for the assignment
NB! By default, each assignment is graded on a 100-point numerical scale. You should definitely customise the scale to suit your needs.

For group submissions and assessment:

  • create groups for group work and, if necessary, groupings (if in addition to group work groups there are also seminar groups, etc.)
  • in the group submission settings of the assignment, select Students submit in groups – Yes
  • under Grouping for student groups, in the drop-down menu, select a grouping formed of group work groups
  • in general module settings, set the group mode – either visible or separate groups

In a group submission assignment the teacher can choose whether to grade each member of the group individually or give a grade to the whole group. 

To grade learners:

  • click on the assignment name and then in the middle of the screen on View/grade all submissions – you will see a table in which all learners’ submissions will be placed
  • to turn on quick grading, tick the box at Quick grading – this enables adding grades and comments separately to each learner in the table
  • learners’ submissions can be viewed in the column File submission or Online text
  • choose a verbal evaluation from drop-down menu or enter score (decimals may be used), enter feedback comments
NB! If learners make a group submission and you want to give the same grade to the whole group or if you use a rubric or marking guide for grading, click the blue Grading button (see image).
  • after entering the grades scroll to the bottom of the table and click Save all quick grading changes.
NB! Learners can be graded using the Assignment activity even if they do not submit their work via Assignment – their names are available on the assignment submission page and grades can be entered.