Guides of e-learning tools

5. Administration of quiz results

To view quiz results, click on the quiz name on the course front page. The quiz information page opens, in which you can see the quiz name and description, and the number of quiz attempts.

If you click on the number of attempts, the quiz overview page opens with a table with learners’ names, the time of opening and closing and for taking the quiz, results by questions, grade and the teacher’s feedback.

  • In the section Review options you can choose which attempts you want to include in the report.
  • Under Display options, choose the number of attempts shown on one page.
  • The button Regrade all is necessary if, for example, the quiz grading system has been changed during the quiz.
  • On the Manual grading page you can enter marks for essay-type questions.

If you click Review attempt under the name of a specific learner, the learner’s quiz review is displayed – answers and grades to each quiz question.

In the overview page you can also regrade or delete learners’ certain attempts – tick the attempt and click Regrade selected attempts or Delete selected attempts.

Quiz results can be exported to Excel (in csv or xls file) or in XHTML format, or a simple text table. To do so, click Download table data as and select the suitable file format.