Guides of e-learning tools


UT uses e-learning environment Moodle which allow the teacher:

  • to post course materials, which may include text files, photographs, video and audio clips, animations, etc.;
  • to create opportunities for communication between teachers and learners by means of forums, e-mails and chat rooms;
  • to facilitate learning through the use of glossaries, self-testing, links to materials on the Web;
  • to evaluate learners progress (tests and assignments);
  • to administrate a course (learner and learning outcome management, compilation of statistical analyses regarding learners’ work).

Logging into Moodle is possible with the University of Tartu computer network username and password (the same one you use to log into SIS). Students and teachers log in to Moodle via the UT account (OpenID) button, and the username must be entered in the form

Logging into Moodle with OpenID is a Microsoft 365 service that requires both staff and students to activate two-factor authentication, see the guide.

In case you have forgotten your username or password of the computer network of Tartu University, you can retrieve both username and password and get a reminder on the user guide phone 737 5500 or e-mail address You can change your password on your own at

NB You can use the E-course Quality Evaluation Tool (according to e‐learning quality criteria) for evaluation the readiness of e-course.

For creating e-courses you can use the TU central Moodle at Entering Moodle takes place by means of username and password of the University computer network.

NB You can discover Moodle possibilities in Moodle demo course “Designing the e-course in Moodle” (in english). You can enter into this demo course without key as a learner.