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Requesting domain

The website creator can order the domain for the website in the form of if necessary.

To request a domain:

  • Fill in the domain request form
  • In the form you must fill in the domain address and justify why you need this domain (Reason for ordering the domain).
  • A ticket will be made and the domain creation will start if the domain request is reasonable
NB! Order the domain only if there is an urgent need for it (e.g. for websites of projects, conferences, etc.). Domain request is not justified for thematic content packages.


  • Before ordering a domain, make sure that the given domain is not already in use.
  • For the domain name, it is recommended to choose the same name that is on the site. For example: and
  • The domain name must not contain letters with dots (öüäö..) or special characters (!?”$#..).
  • Do not choose too ambitious names for the domain name (e.g., as the university may need these domains for other purposes.
  • It takes a certain amount of time to get a domain after submitting your request, as your request is being reviewed. If the request cannot be satisfied, the subscriber of the domain will be contacted.
NB! Your website can only be viewed at the domain address, to change the website you still need to go to the Sisu page and log in.