Guides of e-learning tools

Course section

In the course section you can add explanations, links to study materials, Moodle resources and activities.

To edit the course content, switch to the editing mode: use the button in the top right corner or, in settings, Turn editing on. To return to viewing mode, use the button in the same place or the link Turn editing off.

The course section (in the middle) consists of sections (topics or weeks). The structure depends mainly on the course format as set up in the course settings. To change course format, click in the menu on the left Administration – Edit settings. You can choose between four formats – Weekly (course is organised week by week), Topics (course is organised into topics), Collapsed topics (sections can be opened and closed, simultaneously one or more sections can be shown) and Flexible sections (possible to create subsections, each section can be shown as open or closed).

NB! You can add sections to the course using the link + Add topics at the bottom of the page. A section can be deleted from the link Edit at the top right – Delete topic or Delete week.

If you have chosen the Weekly format, select the course start date – the weeks will be counted from this date.

Now you can start to design each topic or week:

  • add title – click the pencil icon and save with Enter on the keyboard
  • move the section up or down in relation to other sections – with the four-arrow move icon
  • add a description of the section or instructions – click Edit – Edit topic or Edit week
  • add resources and activities – click Add resource or activity


Further options in the Edit dropdown menu:

  • Highlight – (available in Topics format) highlights the topic to make it stand out. This can be used to highlight a current topic or current period
  • Hide topic (week) – the section can be hidden from the learners
  • Delete topic (week) – deletes the whole section with all resources and activities in the section