Exporting study materials from SIS to Moodle

The new SIS does not allow storing study materials or sharing them with students. In order to share course files, we suggest you create an e-support for your course in the Moodle learning management system or an open study module/content package as a website with the Sisu@UT online authoring tool. If the syllabus is linked to the Moodle course, you can export course materials from SIS under "Manage Moodle links" by clicking the button "Export study materials to Moodle".

In order to export study materials from SIS to Moodle course you have to:

  1. Set up the syllabus for the respective subject in SIS as partially or entirely web-based:

    • open syllabus and click on the button Change course data
    • from web-based learning drop down list choose partially or entirely web-based

  2. If the subject had not previously in Moodle, create blank Moodle course: 
    • click the link Manage Moodle links at the syllabus in SIS
    • in the opening window, click on the button Create a new Moodle course

  3. Be sure that SIS syllabus is linked with Moodle course where you want to export the study materials. If needed click at the subject syllabus in SIS on the link Manage Moodle links and in the opening window click on the button Link to the existing Moodle course. Further, you need to enter an short name of the wished Moodle course into the textbox.

  4. You can export course materials from SIS to Moodle course under Manage Moodle links by clicking the button Export study materials to Moodle.

  5. You can export study materials of the same subject to different Moodle courses (for example regular studies and block mode study course).

  6. Audio/video files and web links of study materials will not be exported automatically into the Moodle course.  You have to download audio/video files from SIS yourself.  We suggest to add audio/video files into UTTV or YouTube and refer to them from Moodle course (URL tool). You have to add web links of study materials into Moodle course yourself. 

  7. You will get the notification about the number of transferred files. Files will be transferred in Moodle course into the Legacy course files area (folder OIS) with the same sub-folders structure as in SIS. 
    NB! If the files number is high, transferring may take time. You can close the window and later check the status of transferred files in Moodle course. 
  8. If you have already transferred the SIS study materials into Moodle course once, then the existing files with the same file names will not be overwritten by clicking on the export button in SIS.

Making Moodle course study materials available for students

NB! Exporting study materials to the Moodle course does not guarantee their availability to learners. You need to add files to the Moodle course homepage with appropriate Moodle tool (for example File, Link set).