Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

VII.8. Extension of studies

VII.8. Extension of studies

136. Full-time students can apply for the extension of studies (postponement of the end date of studies) to make up for insufficient academic progress for 12 months at each level of study. Part-time students have the right to extend their studies to complete the curriculum by the period spent in part-time study but at least by 12 months. If the time spent studying part-time is longer than one study year, it is possible to apply for an extension by one study year at a time. The studies of a student following a part-time curriculum is extended for the study period planned in the contract for reimbursement of study costs without the student’s application. At the end of the standard period of study, the student’s academic progress is assessed according to the procedure provided for in chapter III.2.

137. An application for the extension of studies must be submitted before the end date of the study period.

138. The extension of studies is effected by the directive of the vice dean for academic affairs based on the student’s application.

139. If the student studying in the extension year takes academic leave on grounds specified in clauses 128–130, the extension year is temporarily suspended and continues based on the student’s application after the end of the academic leave.