Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

VI.2. Rematriculation

VI.2. Rematriculation

101. Rematriculation is the re-entry of a person in the list of students. A person can be rematriculated if a student place has become vacant in the curriculum and the person has applied for the place as provided in clause 99. Rematriculation is decided by the vice rector for academic affairs based on the person’s application and the consent of the vice dean for academic affairs.

102. The student can be rematriculated to the same curriculum either to the same or the next study year in the same or the next semester in which the student was studying at the time of exmatriculation. The student cannot be rematriculated for an extension year. The workload in line with chapter III.2 is established based on the number of credits earned by the student.

103. A student exmatriculated due to insufficient academic progress can apply for rematriculation if he/she complies at least with the requirements of part-time study in line with clause 39.2 or has completed the curriculum in the minimum allowed workload in line with clause 41. In the year system, an exmatriculated person can apply for rematriculation if he/she has completed 100% of the compulsory courses of the previous semester as prescribed in the curriculum. If a student has received a negative result in a course four times, the course must be completed with a positive result as an external student or a continuing education learner before applying for rematriculation.

104. A student exmatriculated due to improper behaviour can apply for rematriculation when two years have passed since exmatriculation. A student exmatriculated due to the reason described in clause 87.9.2 can apply for rematriculation after the information concerning punishment has been deleted from the criminal records database.

105. Students exmatriculated due to failure to pay the tuition fee by the due date cannot apply for rematriculation until their outstanding tuition fees have been paid.

106. Students exmatriculated due to the expiry of the end date of studies cannot be rematriculated.