Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

Annex 1. Studying as a visiting student or external student

I. Studying as a visiting student

1. To receive the status of a visiting student, a person submits to the vice rector for academic affairs an application including the consent of the responsible person at the student’s home university and the vice dean for academic affairs of the faculty and a list of the courses the person intends to study. The vice dean for academic affairs may dismiss the application if the applicant does not meet the requirements established in the course or curriculum, or if the maximum number of persons attending the course has been reached. The directive of the vice rector for academic affairs and the visiting student’s application serve as a basis for registering the visiting student for the courses listed in the application according to chapter II.3 of the regulations.

2. The person who wishes to study as a visiting student must certify their proficiency in the language of instruction of at least B2 level specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

3. An international visiting student must complete courses in the volume of at least 15 ECTS per semester of study at the university unless the student undergoes practical training or comes from another Estonian higher education institution.

4. In the matters related to the organisation of study specified in clauses 44–86, 107–113 and 141–161, the rights and obligations of students also apply to visiting students.

5. At the end of the study period, the dean’s office issues a transcript of records to the visiting student. If only differentiated assessment is taken into account at the home
institution of the international visiting student, the result “pass” of non-differentiated assessment corresponds to the grade “A”.

6. The studies of a visiting student may be extended for up to one academic year by a directive of the vice rector for academic affairs, except if the international visiting student fails to comply with the credit point requirement set out in clause 3 of annex 1.

7. The university discontinues the visiting student’s studies by a directive of the vice rector for academic affairs
7.1. based on the proposal of the vice dean for academic affairs if the visiting student disregards the requirements of the study regulations or internal rules of the university;
7.2. upon the termination of cooperation agreement between universities; or
7.3. based on an application by the visiting student.