Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

III.7.3. Repeat defence of a doctoral thesis

To be allowed to a repeat defence, the doctoral candidate must submit an application to the council.

155. Within one month of receiving the application to be allowed to a repeal defence, the council makes a decision on allowing the doctoral candidate to the repeat defence. The decision must comply with the requirements provided for in clauses 128–130. A decision not to allow a doctoral candidate to the repeat defence must state the reasons. Based on the council’s decision to allow a doctoral candidate to the repeat defence, access to the electronic doctoral thesis is granted on the university library website at least one month before the repeat defence, unless the defence of the doctoral thesis has been declared closed or restrictions have been established on publishing the doctoral thesis. Information about the repeat defence is published on the university’s website.

156. The repeat defence takes place in accordance with clauses 145152.

157. If, in a repeat defence, the council decides not to award a doctoral degree based on clause 149.2, the council makes a proposal to the vice rector for research to exmatriculate the doctoral candidate due to insufficient academic progress as provided for in clause 87.3.4 of these regulations.