Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

VII.1. Notification

VII.1. Notification

107. For studies-related communication, the student uses the university’s email address. Via the Study Information System and the university’s email address, the university notifies the student of the arrangements concerning the student, for example, exmatriculation, academic leave and extension of the period of study. Directives and information communicated via the Study Information System and to the university’s email address of the student are deemed to be communicated to the student.

108. The student union board uses the Study Information System to inform students of the conditions of applying for and electing representatives to representative bodies of the university according to the general rules of the election of the student union.

109. Students have the right to receive a reply to their email to a teaching staff member who teaches a course which the student takes or to a university employee dealing with the organisation of studies within three working days.

110. Students must notify the university immediately via the Study Information System of any changes in their contact details.

111. Students are fully released from the obligation to study during the period when they participate in reservist training or additional reservist training or when they cannot participate in studies due to mobilisation. A student who has received a call-up notice must inform the programme director of their absence from studies. Teaching staff must organise the studies for students who are released from studies in such a manner that students who participate in reservist training or additional reservist training can take a resit in the same semester.