Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II. Studying as an external student

II. Studying as an external student

8. The status of an external student may be applied for by a person who meets the requirements regarding previous education needed to take up studies under the respective curriculum and the prerequisites established for admission to the curriculum in the admission rules.

9. The status of an external student is granted for up to one academic year by a directive of the vice dean for academic affairs. To get the status of an external student, the person submits to the vice dean for academic affairs an application including the list of courses to be completed. The directive of the vice dean for academic affairs and the application serve as a basis for registration for courses according to chapter II.3 of the regulations. The relationships between the external student and the university are defined by a contract between the university and the external student.

10. The vice dean for academic affairs may dismiss the application if

10.1. the applicant does not meet the requirements established in the course or curriculum or the admission requirements of the curriculum;

10.2. the maximum number of people attending the course has been reached;

10.3. teaching the course has already started;

10.4. the applicant has outstanding tuition fees to the university;

10.5. the applicant has committed academic fraud or demonstrated improper conduct within two years before applying;

10.6. the applicant has a valid punishment for an intentionally committed offence;

10.61. the applicant has not studied in the corresponding curriculum in the past;

10.7. there is another valid reason.

11. If the applicant has received a negative result in a course four times (three times in the year system) as an external student, the applicant does not have the right to apply for the completion of this course as an external student within two years of the last negative result.

12. Student’s rights and obligations related to the organisation of studies, assessment of learning outcomes, completion of studies, academic fraud and improper behaviour, and contesting decisions are applied to external students according to clauses 7–86, 107–113 and 140–160.

13. The university discontinues the external student’s studies by a directive of the vice dean for academic affairs if the external student

13.1. has submitted the corresponding application;
13.2. has not complied with the requirements of the university’s Study Regulations or internal rules;
13.3. is matriculated to a vacant student place of the same curriculum.