Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II. Applying

II. Applying

10. A person applying for the recognition of prior learning and professional experience (“applicant”) submits an application to the chair of the RPL committee of the curriculum. A faculty council may establish a procedure in the faculty that limits the number of times a student may submit applications per semester, provided the student has an opportunity to submit an application at least once per semester.

11. The applicant attaches documents certifying prior learning and/or professional experience and other materials to the application, except if completion of the course is
represented in the university’s Study Information System. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the submitted documents and other materials.

12. Prior learning may be recognised without an RPL application if

12.1. the student candidate has fully completed a curriculum that is included in the committee-approved list of curricula of the university or other higher education institutions, the content of which corresponds to the university’s curricula that are prerequisites for admission to master’s studies;

12.2. the student wants to transfer courses completed as a visiting student at another higher education institution and previously approved in a study plan or a doctoral student’s individual plan;

12.3. recognition of studies has been agreed in a joint learning cooperation agreement signed by the university and another higher education institution;

12.4. the student is rematriculated to a version of the same curriculum in which they studied before;

12.5. the student is transferred to the student place of another curriculum.