Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II.4.3. Workload, academic leave and extending the period of study of doctoral students matriculated to doctoral curricula opened before the 2022/2023 academic year

The doctoral student completes the doctoral studies either full time or part time in compliance with clause 39 of the Study Regulations.

43. The workload of a doctoral student is defined pursuant to clause 42 of the Study Regulations.

44. The doctoral student is transferred to the next study year of the curriculum after one standard study year (two studied semesters) has passed from matriculation or the last transfer according to clauses 40 and 42 of the Study Regulations, if the student has completed the curriculum in the prescribed volume.

45. A studied semester is a semester during which the learner studies in the student place for more days than a half of the semester (more than 70 days) and during which the student is on academic leave or extended standard period of study for less than a half of the semester.

46. When calculating the doctoral student’s workload, the courses prescribed in the curriculum are taken into account; optional courses are not taken into account in a larger volume than that prescribed in the module of optional courses.

47. Doctoral students can apply for academic leave, and their standard period of study is extended in the case of studying at a foreign university or completing the intensive course in the national language, in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Study Regulations.

48. The doctoral student has the right to apply for the extension of studies (postponement of the end date of studies) for a period of 12 months to complete the curriculum. If the doctoral student has studied part time for longer than one academic year, the student can apply for the extension of studies by the time of part-time studies, for one academic year at a time. The extension of studies is effected by the directive of the vice dean for research based on the doctoral student’s request.

49. The prerequisite for requesting an extension of the period of study is a positive progress review decision.