Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

V. Completion of studies

V. Completion of studies

83. Students are considered to have finished their studies and are removed from the list of students if they have completed their curricula: taken all the courses and completed practical training prescribed by the curriculum, including taken the final exam(s) or defended the graduation thesis, and earned the number of credits as specified in the curriculum.

84. Students who have completed their curricula are issued a diploma and a diploma supplement in line with the procedure established by the Government of the Republic. The diploma is issued based on a directive of the vice rector for academic affairs about exmatriculating the student or declaring the external student graduated in connection with
completing the curriculum. The rector establishes the procedure for issuing the diploma and diploma supplement and granting the qualification based on the curriculum. A diploma with distinction (cum laude) is awarded under the conditions established by a regulation of the minister of education and research.

85. Students who have completed several curricula are given the respective degrees. To complete several curricula, the student must pass the respective number of final exams and/or defend substantively different graduation theses. If several curricula are completed at the same time, the student is issued a separate diploma per each curriculum completed.

86. The university’s graduation ceremonies are public events as defined in the Law Enforcement Act.