Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II.1.2. External student

An external student is person who has not been matriculated to doctoral studies at the university but has been given the right to complete the doctoral programme, incl. to:

9.1. take exams and pass-fail evaluations for up to 30 ECTS in an academic year and

9.2. do research, incl. defend the doctoral thesis, in the volume prescribed by the doctoral programme.

10. To apply for the status of an external student in doctoral studies, the person must hold a master’s degree or equivalent qualification, prove language proficiency at the level stipulated in the Admission Rules in Doctoral Studies and have studied in the same or a similar doctoral programme in the past. The person must have previously completed at least 50% of the programme in which the person takes up studies as an external student, except in case of a doctoral curriculum opened before the 2022/2023 academic year. Before registering the person as an external student, the progress review committee assesses the completion of the programme in accordance with these regulations and the faculty’s progress review procedure.

11. To get the status of an external student, the person submits an application and the draft period plan approved by the potential supervisor to the vice dean for research, and upon the first application for the status of an external student, also a draft individual plan by the decision of the head of the specialisation of the doctoral programme. The status of an external student is granted for up to one academic year by a directive of the vice dean for research.

12. The vice dean for research may dismiss the application if

12.1. the university cannot provide a suitable supervisor;

12.2. the applicant has outstanding tuition fees to the university;

12.3. the applicant has previously failed to fulfil the individual plan, incl. has received a negative progress review decision or was not assessed;

12.4. for another valid reason.

13. Before registering a person as an external student, the relations between the external student and the university are defined by an agreement concluded between the university and the external student.

14. The university discontinues the external student’s studies by a directive of the vice dean for research based on an application by the external student or if the external student has failed to observe the university’s requirements concerning the organisation of study or internal rules.