Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

III.4.4. Requirement for research publications and the introductory chapter

The following research publications are considered as a publication of the results of research included in a doctoral thesis:

116.1. articles in leading international peer-reviewed scientific journals of the specialisation, which have an international panel, are internationally distributed, indexed in several international databases and open to contributions (ETIS publication categories 1.1 and 1.2);

116.2. articles and chapters in peer-reviewed publications of international distribution of the specialisation, published by leading science publishing houses (ETIS publication category 3.1 or, by a reasoned decision of the vice dean for research, ETIS publication category 3.2).

116.3. a monograph published by an internationally recognised science publishing house (ETIS publication category 2.1).

117. An official confirmation about acceptance for publishing must be submitted for a research publication accepted for publication but not yet published.

118. The introductory chapter is a framing text that binds the parts of the doctoral thesis into a whole. It meets the conditions laid down in clause 121.6 and the requirements for a research article and the volume of its main body is generally 30–40 standard pages.

119. If the introductory chapter has been written in a language that does not allow it to be peer-reviewed or reviewed by a peer reviewer or opponent meeting the requirements stipulated in clause 131, the doctoral candidate must have it translated into the required language.