Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

VII.7. Academic leave

VII.7. Academic leave

127. Academic leave is a period during which a student is released from the obligation to study and do research. Students are entitled to an academic leave of up to one year at their request once per standard period of study at each level of study. At the first level of higher education, students may apply for academic leave starting from the second semester of the first study year.

128. For health reasons proved by a medical certificate, a student is entitled to an additional academic leave of a maximum of two years at each level of study.

129. Students starting a term of service in Defence Forces are entitled to an additional academic leave of one year based on the respective call-up from the Defence Forces.

130. A student is entitled to an additional academic leave for taking care of a child. A female student is entitled to an academic leave based on a medical certificate from the 30th week of pregnancy until a month has passed from the estimated due date. After the birth of a child, the parents can, based on a copy of the birth certificate of the child, apply for academic leave lasting until the child reaches the age of three years.

131. If the student who has been granted academic leave at their request takes an academic leave for the reasons specified in clauses 128–130, the previous academic leave is suspended and will be continued based on the student’s application after the end of the academic leave granted for reasons specified in clauses 128–130.

132. To request an academic leave or its temporary interruption, the student submits an application to the vice dean for academic affairs no later than the date preceding the beginning of the academic leave or its temporary interruption. An academic leave for health reasons can be interrupted only based on a medical certificate.
133. The end date of the study period of the student on academic leave is postponed by the duration of the academic leave. The academic leave and the related extension of the study period are effected by a directive of the vice dean for academic affairs. The calculation of the student’s standard period of study is suspended during the academic leave.

134. Students are allowed to participate in studies and take exams or pass/fail evaluations during academic leave. The university cancels the course registrations of a student who takes an academic leave, except if the student submits, together with an application for academic leave, a list of courses which the student was registered for at the time of taking the academic leave and which the student wants to continue during the academic leave.

135. During academic leave, the student is not transferred to the next study year and the volume of studies to be completed under the curriculum is not assessed.