Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

I. General provisions

Regulations for Doctoral Studies (‘regulations’) regulate doctoral studies, the requirements for doctoral theses and the procedure of applying for and awarding doctoral degrees at the University of Tartu (‘university’).

Goals and general principles of doctoral studies are defined in the good practice of doctoral studies.

Good practices at the university, incl. the code of conduct for research integrity, are available on the university homepage

2. If the dean has not appointed a vice dean for research, the duties assigned to the vice dean for research by these regulations are performed by the vice dean in charge of doctoral studies or, if no such vice dean has been appointed, by the dean.

3. The university’s official environment for exchanging information related to the organisation of study is the Study Information System.

Curricula, syllabuses, study results and student applications are available in university study information system (SIS). Access to university study information system requires a username and password for the university computer network.

SIS information and guidelines.

4. In matters of the organisation of study not regulated by these regulations, incl. in contesting decisions related to the organisation of study not regulated by these regulations and in processing cases of improper behaviour, the rights and duties of the student and the principles provided for in the Study Regulations apply to doctoral students, visiting doctoral students and external students. In such cases, the rights and duties given to the vice dean for academic affairs or the vice rector for academic affairs are exercised and performed by the vice dean for research and the vice rector for research, respectively.