Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II.5. Progress review

Progress review is the assessment of the progress of the learner in doctoral studies in research and studies at the progress review meeting. Passing progress review is the prerequisite for continuing doctoral studies.

57. During progress review, the completion of the doctoral programme and individual plan is assessed.

58. The faculty council establishes the faculty’s progress review procedure which lays down at least

58.1. the requirements for assessing the progress of the doctoral student based on the criteria specified in clause 59;

58.2. the requirements for involving supervisors in the progress review meeting;

58.3. the rules of procedure of the progress review committee;

58.4. the list of additional materials to be submitted to the progress review committee as specified in clause 71, and

58.5. the procedure of collecting and giving feedback on the cooperation between the doctoral student and supervisor(s) according to clause 73 of these regulations.

59. The progress review committee assesses the following criteria based on the faculty’s progress review procedure:

59.1. stage of the doctoral thesis;

59.2. research publications and equivalent patents, patent applications or applied solutions related to the topic of the doctoral thesis specified in clauses 116 and 120 of these regulations;

59.3. participation in and presenting at professional events related to the doctoral thesis and international study and research experience;

59.4. other research, development and creative activities related to the doctoral thesis;

59.5. the acquisition of transferable skills that meet the learning outcomes of the doctoral programme;

59.6. studies and self-development according to the requirements of the doctoral programme.