Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II.3. Registration for courses

II.3. Registration for courses

22. By registering for a course, students express their decision to complete the course and thus, the university assumes the right to evaluate the student’s performance in the course and ask for feedback in the Study Information System about learning and teaching.

23. In a semester, a student can register for courses in the maximum volume of 50 ECTS, excluding the volume of the graduation thesis. Registration for courses in a larger volume will be decided by the programme director.

24. Registration for the courses begins on a date specified in the academic calendar, in May for the courses of the next autumn semester and in December for the courses of the next spring semester, and ends by the beginning of the respective semester unless otherwise specified in the course. Registration of first-semester students for compulsory courses may begin at the beginning of the academic year and last for at least two weeks.

25. The following exceptions are made to the general registration procedure.

25.1. Visiting students or external students register for their selected courses in the Study Information System, at the dean’s office, institute or college within two weeks of the beginning of their studies at the university.

25.2. A student who returns from academic leave or fills a vacant student place after the deadline for registering for courses is registered for the courses at the student’s request at the faculty, institute or college that manages the curriculum within a week after the end of the academic leave or filling the vacant student place.

26. Part-time students must register for courses each semester unless they only need to take the final exam or defend the graduation thesis to complete the curriculum.

27. Students have the right to cancel registration for a course

27.1. within two weeks of the first contact learning session or within a different term specified for the course. In this case, the student has the right to register for another course upon agreement with the teaching staff member in charge of that course, but only within two weeks from the first contact learning session of that course or within the term for cancelling registration specified for the course. The vice dean for academic affairs may, in justified cases, allow cancelling the registration after the standard deadline;

27.2. if the course schedule changes, within two weeks after the change is announced;

27.3. within two weeks after changing curriculum in a course that does not belong to the new curriculum;

27.4. within two weeks after the student has been registered as studying abroad;

27.5. in the same semester in a course that has been recognised as passed through RPL.

28. If the minimum number of participants required for the course to be taught is not met, the programme director has the right to cancel the course within three working days of the due date for registration for the course and organises the notification of the students registered for the course. Within seven days of the announcement of the cancellation decision, students who have registered for the course have the right to register for another course upon agreement with the teaching staff member in charge of that course. If the number of participants in the course falls below the minimum after the beginning of the semester, the course may be cancelled with the consent of all students participating in the course, which is given in a format that can be reproduced in writing.