Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II.3. Filling a vacant student place

A vacant student place is filled in accordance with the conditions and procedure provided in the Study Regulations, taking into account the following adaptations:

27.1. a vacant student place is filled by a directive of the vice rector for research based on the applicant’s application and the proposal by the vice dean for research, taking into account that, if the student place requires employment as a junior research fellow, an agreement must have been reached on the terms of the employment contract;

27.2. the competition to fill a vacant student place may be announced throughout the academic year. Applicants for a vacant student place are assessed by the progress review committee pursuant to the procedure established by the faculty council, guided by the provisions of these regulations regarding progress review;

27.3. a person who has been exmatriculated from the same curriculum due to exceeding eight years of study or has been exmatriculated from the university due to improper behaviour up to two years ago cannot apply for a vacant study place.