Regulations for Doctoral Studies and Study Regulations

II.4.2. Period of study, suspension of doctoral studies and changes to the period of study of doctoral students matriculated to doctoral programmes opened from the 2022/2023 academic year

. The doctoral student assumes the obligation to complete doctoral studies within the time specified in the individual plan.

34. Doctoral student who has received a positive assessment in progress review is transferred to the next study year as of the date of the start of the semester if two studied semesters have passed from matriculation or the last transfer.

35. A studied semester is a semester during which the learner has studied in the student place for more days than half of the semester (more than 70 calendar days) and during which the studies have been suspended for less than half of the semester.

36. Suspension of doctoral studies is a temporary justified absence from studies for at least one month during which the learner does not participate in doctoral studies.

37. Suspension of doctoral studies is effected by the directive of the vice dean for research based on the request of the doctoral student that must be submitted at least 14 calendar days before suspending doctoral studies.

38. Doctoral studies of the junior research fellow are suspended based on the junior research fellow’s request for the period during which the junior research fellow is on maternity leave, parental leave, in conscription or alternative service or, by agreement of the parties to the contract, on unpaid leave.

39. Doctoral studies of the doctoral student without the employment contract are suspended based on the student’s request as follows:

39.1.1. for personal reasons, in agreement with the supervisor in charge, up to two times during the period of study and for a maximum total of one year;

39.1.2. up to a maximum of one year on entering service in the Defence Forces based on a notice by the Defence Forces;

39.1.3. for health reasons based on a medical certificate for up to two years;

39.1.4. in the case of a female doctoral student, based on a medical certificate, from the 30th week of pregnancy until one month after the due date;

39.1.5. after the birth of the child, based on a copy of the child’s birth certificate, until the child reaches the age of three.

40. The period of study of a doctoral student, including suspensions of doctoral studies, may not exceed eight years, unless the doctoral studies are suspended for caring for a child of up to three years of age or for conscription or alternative service in the Defence Forces.

41. If changing the individual plan according to clause 54 requires changing the planned period of study, the new period of study is effected by the directive of the vice dean for research based on the decision of the progress review committee.