Ziedite Muze (LAT)

Title of the lecture: "Mittens of Latvia"  ̶  an inspiration book for knitters.

Folk costume is one of the strongest national symbols of Latvia. Mittens and gloves are an essential part of folk costumes.

For Latvians knitting mittens is just like creation of the world, everything is combined with a meaning and a purpose, nothing is coincidental.

Latvia has a long tradition in knitting of mittens and the world of the Latvian mittens is very rich. Mittens were a vital part of ceremonies and festive occasions in the past. Recently interest about Latvian mittens arose right after the publication of the book «Mittens of Latvia» where it is possible to admire, explore and get to know even the smallest of particle in  the thousands of ethnographic mittens, stored in museums. Whether they are Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian mittens, each one is a hand-covering that consists of the cuff, the hand and the thumb. What's so special about Latvian mittens?

Why is there such a big interest that the book can already be read in five languages and is currently being translated in two more languages?

One of the reasons is the variety of mittens in the book and the challenge it gives to knitters which she will elaborate more on during the lecture. 

Ziedite Muze works in Folk Costume Centre SENA KLETS since 1996 as a craft woman and project manager.

Ziedite holds a Bachelor’s degree of art teacher from the Art Academy of Latvia and a Master’s degree in culture management from Latvian Academy of Culture.

Ziedite has taken part in the making of the book «Mittens of Latvia» where she was responsible for gathering materials from different museums and oversaw the production of replica mittens. Ziedite took part in the working group that  organized International Practical Conference “World of mittens” in 2014 and knitting camp “Let’s knit in Kurzeme” in 2017.

More information  can be found: https://www.facebook.com/latvianmittens/

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