A wrist warmer of the Kurzeme region (Latvia)

In this workshop you will knit a wrist warmer by using different traditional knitting techniques and patterns from Kurzeme region  (Rucava’s notched or picot cuff edge, knitted braids, combination of knit and purl stitches in colourwork and ornaments of South Kurzeme).

Baiba Pilane (b. 1967) is an administrator of Craft House of Riga Culture Center “Iļģuciems”, head of Studio of Applied Folk Arts “Irbi” (Riga), knitting teacher of Studio of Applied Folk Arts “Avots” (Dobele). Besides that she teached masterclasses of modern knitting (short rows, patchwork or modular knitting etc.   

Publications: ~40 knitting pattern publications in Latvian women handwork magazines “Ievas Māja”, ”Praktiskais Latvietis”, “Praktiskie Rokdarbi”

Knitting blog: www.needleb.wordpress.com

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