Turned cuffs of Jaani gloves

In this workshop you will knit a small sample of the turned cuff of the glove from Jaani parish (Saarema island). It is very comfortable to wear in nowadays as well and it is warm due to its double layers.

Kristi Jõeste (b.1977) is Estonian glove artist and researcher. Graduated from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy as an Estonian handicraft master in 2002. Master degree from the UT Department of Semiotics in 2008. Currently working as a program manager and lecturer of the Estonian Native Textile and Native Crafts (MA) at UT Viljandi Culture Academy. She is also running her own little company Ulas.

She has been awarded with an annual prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment in 2013 and annual folk art prize of Viljandi county for her activities as a craft master.

Kristi is the author of the book “Ornamented Journey” and co-author of the book “Estonian Knitting Vol 1: Customs and Techniques” together with Anu Pink And Siiri Reimann.

Please see her works at her blog  and Facebook page.

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