Three most beautiful Estonian sock heels in the world

We are used to the idea that if you can knit one type of sock heel then you can knit the socks as well. However, it is amazing how many different types of sock heels old Estonians were able to knit 150 years ago.  Heel knitting was highly developed in time and in regions, every heel had its own knitting methods and advantages. 

We will try to knit three anatomically comfortable sock heels that come from the stockings of the 19th century pieces. Enjoy the beauty of the technique!

Anu Pink (b. 1964) is educated as a craft teacher in Tallinn Pedagogical Institute and holds a master degree in Native Crafts from Uni. Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy graduated in 2013).

After being teacher for 25 years she now is working at Saara Publishing House where she is editing craft books and compiling study materials. Her favourite subject at work and in spare time is knitting, especially the technological aspect. She instructs courses in Uni. Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics, and is a knitting mentor at the Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union.

She writes about her inspiration: "My hands start to create stitches in my head when I see beautiful yarn, old knitted pieces, or exiting and mysterious technological tricks. I am able to sit for many hours, even days in the museums and read the stories about the knitting heritage of our ancestors. I really enjoy these moments when I see the special sparkle in my students' eyes – knitting is the most inspiring hobby in the world! I just love old things and new ideas." 


“Töökaartide komplekt. Kudumine” 2001        

Studybook “Kudumine IV-IX kl.” 2002                                                           

“Kirjad kodust”, collection of maps with mitten patterns 2009–2011               

“Meite Muhu mustrid” 2010

”Türi kindad ja sukad” 2011

Master thesis "Silmuskoeliste sukkade ja sokkide kudumise tehnoloogilised võtted, nende muutumine ja paikkondlikud erinevused 19.-20. sajandi Eestis" (Knitting techniques of stockings and socks, their development and local variations in Estonia in 19th and 20th century, supervised by Kristi Jõeste) 2013

“Eesti silmuskudumine 1. Tavad ja tehnikad” 2014

“Estonian Knitting 1. Traditions and Techniques” (with Siiri Reimann and Kristi Jõeste)2015

“Pärnumaa rahvarõivad”, the chapters about knitting 2017

“Eesti silmuskudumine 2. Sukad ja sokid” 2018

Editor of the books on Haapsalu lace knitting 2009–2018 


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