Solvita's roses

In this workshop we will learn to make colourful articles with crocheted ROSES and knitted leafs.

Teacher: Solvita Zarupska (b. 1971) comes from Ventspils, Latvia. She is a master of textile product manufacturer (diploma 2017) of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts. LCC is an organization for professional craftsmen and women which encourages the development of craft trades in Latvia.

2015-2016-2017 she has been taking part in the event „Meet Your Masters!". It is the continuation of the Traditional Skills School launched in 2009, which is part of the European project "European Skills Day". The Conservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

She has been teaching classes of traditional Latvian mittens knitting in Ventspils (Latvia) in handicraft set “SPĀRNI” since 2015. She also has been teaching international mitten knitting workshop “Adīsim Kurzemē!” („Let’s knit in Kurzeme!”) in Liepaja at June 6 and Sept 8  2017.

Please see her works at:, Facebook page "Solvitas ROZES

Video from project in Latvia “Meistars 21.gadsimtā” (Master in 21.century)

Publications in Latvian handicraft magazine “Praktiskie Rokdarbi” ("Practical Handcrafts").

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