Wrist warmer with Komi septenary pattern

At the beginning of the workshop Zlata Ushakova gives some examples of her work as well as some information about the tradition.

In this workshop you are going to learn how to do colour selection, how to compose harmonious colour combination, and which colors are incompatible. After that you will choose colour pattern for each participant and start to knit.

Zlata will show how to knit two threads with the same speed as if it was only one.
Zlata Ushakova was born in Arkhangelsk, her interest in knitting starting at the age of 12.
After graduating from Linguistic Institute she started her career as a guide at Archangelsk Museum of Wooden Arts.
While working in the museum she started to knit northern patterns using the rich historical material of the museium's collections.
At the end of the 90es she was involved in design of modern clothes with the elements of Komi, Leshukon, Pomory and Pechory ornaments.
Since same time Zlata is teaching ornamental knitting in four languages.

Her participation in numerous exhibitions, festivals of traditional culture, Russian Winter in London, Carnival of Russian Culture in Beijing, Month of Russian Culture in Paris, just to name a few.
She was honoured the title of "National Master of Russia" in 1999.
Also Zlata is frequently invited to perform on TV and her works have been published in "Modnyi Journal".


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