Olga Konkova (RUS)

The title of the lecture is «Revival of the traditional knitting of indigenous peoples of the Leningrad Region: the project "VILLAVÄKI - The Woolen People". 

The lecture will tell you about the possibilities of reviving the traditions of knitting among the indigenous peoples of the Leningrad Region on the basis of the memories of elderly knitters from the water, Izhora and Finnish villages, as well as on the basis of knitted objects from Ingermanland, preserved in the museums of Russia and Finland. Also, we are talking about a project "VILLAVÄKI - The Woolen People". It’s aim is development of traditional knitting of indigenous peoples. The project unites dozens of experienced and novice knitters - representatives of Votians, Ingrians, Veps and Ingermanland Finns. 

About Olga Konkova

-        I am an ethnographer and director of the Center for Indigenous Peoples of the Leningrad Region. I am the head of the project " VILLAVÄKI - The Woolen People", which is engaged in the revival and development of the traditional breeding of Votians, Ingrians, Ingermanland Finns, Veps and Karelians. I am the author of the book "Traditional Knitting of Indigenous Peoples of the Leningrad Region" (2016), and the creator of two exhibitions devoted to knitting.

-        Some information about my project " VILLAVÄKI - Woolen People" can be seen on the link http://kmn-lo.ru/proekty/villavaki

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